Auspicious Dates for Property Registration in 2020 | Auspicious Days to Purchase Property In 2020

Have you ever wondered why people wait for Auspicious days? Well, the answer is simple, it’s because these days have favourable conditions and promise success. When you perform certain actions on these days, luck is in your favour.

People often wait weeks or months for the time to be right, after all, why would anyone want bad luck? If you too wish to get the best luck while buying property, be it commercial or residential, then you should follow these days as marked by the Vedic Calendar.

Auspicious days to buy a house in January 2020-

10thJanuaryFridayPunarvasuPurnima, Pratipada14:48 to 30:47+
30thJanuaryThursdayRevatiShashthi15:12 to 30:49+
31stJanuaryFridayRevatiShashthi06:49 to 15:51

There are no days that are considered as auspicious in February 2020 to buy property.

 Auspicious days to buy property in March 2020-

5thMarchThursdayPunarvasuDashami, Ekadashi11:26 to 30:37+
6thMarchFridayPunarvasuEkadashi06:37 to 10:38
13thMarchFridayVishakhaPanchami13:59 to 30:16+

Auspicious days to buy property in April 2020-

3rdAprilFridayAshleshaDashami, Ekadashi18:41 to 30:20+

Auspicious days to buy property in May 2020-

7thMayThursdayVishakhaPurnima, Pratipada11:07 to 30:04+
8thMayFridayVishakha, AnuradhaPratipada06:04 to 13:01
28thMayThursdayAshleshaShashthi07:27 to 23:26

Auspicious days to buy property in June 2020-

5thJuneFridayAnuradhaPurnima06:02 to 16:43
25thJuneThursdayAshlesha, MaghaPanchami08:47 to 30:05+
26thJuneFridayMagha, Purva PhalgunShashthi06:05 to 29:03+

Auspicious days to buy property in July 2020-

10thJulyFridayPurva BhadrapadaPanchami, Shashthi06:09 to 29:33+

Auspicious days to buy property in August 2020-

14thAugustFridayMrigashirshaDashami, Ekadashi06:15 to 30:15+
27thAugustThursdayMulaDashami12:37 to 30:15+
28thAugustFridayMula, Purva AshadhaDashami, Ekadashi06:15 to 30:15+

Auspicious days to buy property in September 2020-

3rdSeptemberThursdayPurva BhadrapadaPratipada06:15 to 12:26

There are no auspicious days to buy property in October 2020.

Auspicious days to buy property in November 2020-

6thNovemberFridayPunarvasuShashthi06:45 to 30:18+

There are no auspicious days to buy property in December 2020.

If you notice, the auspicious hours given, are all above 4 hours. This is so that you have ample time to go purchase property in 2020. When the time goes beyond midnight, it is shown in the 24+ format.

For the most accurate results, it’s best to seek the assistance of a good astrologer, they will be able to guide you as per your location etc.